Marko sees Gasly shining: "Driving very well at the moment"

09-06-2021 13:12 | Updated: 09-06-2021 15:44
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Marko sees Gasly shining: Driving very well at the moment

Thanks to Red Bull's current success, the achievements of AlphaTauri, and especially Pierre Gasly, have been somewhat overshadowed. Helmut Marko, however, does see that the Frenchman is currently performing fantastically at Red Bull's sister team.

With Sergio Perez finding his rhythm and Red Bull's car now appearing to be a championship car, Gasly's chances of landing a seat at Red Bull seem to be diminishing. In an interview with Helmut Marko the rumours about a transfer to the French Alpine are dismissed. Auto, Motor und Sport Marko in an interview.

"No. He's driving excellently at the moment. AlphTauri's car fits him perfectly. That combination goes perfectly together. We still have a contract that lasts another two years. I don't know where the chatter about Renault came from. Pierre is the ideal ambassador for Alpha Tauri as the somewhat fashionable Frenchman. Above all, the performance in the car is really strong. He had a losing performance in the race in Baku. The fact that he kept LeClerc behind him there was a great achievement."

Marko on second seat Red Bull

Marko was asked in the same interview about what he would do if Gasly came to him to claim the second seat. Marko's answer was then short but sweet. "This question is not relevant at the moment. We have a great selection of drivers. Many people have already written that we would have no successors. Vips wins races in Formula 2. Lawson's up front there as well. So there are a lot of talents from our own ranks who want to and can drive the Red Bull."

Plenty of options therefore according to the Austrian, both in Formula 1 and Formula 2. With Yuki Tsunoda, Pierre Gasly, Juri Vips and Liam Lawson in Red Bull's care, there's little to argue with at the moment.

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