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Mercedes has big problem: On the other hand, of course, as support for Hamilton

Mercedes has big problem: "On the other hand, of course, as support for Hamilton"

08-06-2021 15:18 Last update: 18:15


Lewis Hamilton drove at the front of the field for most of the race in Azerbaijan. His teammate Valtteri Bottas remained mainly at the back and had to settle for a twelfth finishing position. Ralf Schumacher states that this is a big problem for Mercedes.

The Finnish driver's performance has been mixed for the time being this season. "Bottas is a personnel issue which is very difficult," Schumacher told Speedweek. "In Monaco he was good, in Baku he was bad. That's a big problem for Mercedes in the battle for the world championship. On the one hand in view of the team classification and on the other hand of course as support for Hamilton, which the Briton lacks."

A strong teammate is almost indispensable, according to Schumacher, as the team can use him in strategy. "But if he's not within attacking distance, it doesn't work. Besides, he can slow down a rival a bit before the pit stop, so the gap is there that you need as a leader. The current situation shows the class of Hamilton when you see what he does with the car compared to Bottas."

Sergio Pérez conquers victory

Also at Red Bull Racing, the debate has been around in recent weeks whether second driver Sergio Pérez was good enough. However, the Mexican driver managed to secure victory last weekend, which has restored some credit for the time being.

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