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'The victory really should have been for Verstappen'

'The victory really should have been for Verstappen'

06-06-2021 20:13 Last update: 06-06-2021 20:13


Sergio Pérez scored an excellent victory during the Azerbaijan Grand Prix on Sunday afternoon. The Mexican driver had to let Max Verstappen pass him for quite some time, but because of his blowout the Dutchman was out of the race and Pérez could collect the first prize.

After the race, Toyoharu Tanabe was very satisfied with the way the Red Bull Racing team performed. In a press release from Honda, Tanabe discusses the performance of the two drivers. "The Baku City Circuit gave us another chaotic race, but in the end, Sergio Perez was able to win his second Grand Prix in his career in strong fashion."

Verstappen made no mistakes during the race but still ended up crashing hard into the wall due to a yet unknown reason. "The victory really should have been for Verstappen. He dominated the entire race until his crash, which he couldn't do anything about. And that with only a few laps to go."

Hamilton missed out on victory

Lewis Hamilton looked set to take the lead at the end of the race but made a very embarrassing mistake. The seven-time world champion passed Pérez on the restart but suddenly drove straight on. As a result, Mercedes did not score any points in Baku.

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