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Verstappen: If you think that, you'd better quit because it's not going to work

Verstappen: "If you think that, you'd better quit because it's not going to work"

04-06-2021 19:31 Last update: 22:04


He won the Monaco Grand Prix, took the lead in the championship and also started the race weekend in Azerbaijan strongly: Max Verstappen is in great shape. Despite his young age, the Dutchman has several years of experience in Formula 1, something that will undoubtedly help him in his title fight with Lewis Hamilton.

When asked what he needs to do to get the maximum result, Verstappen replied succinctly: "A race car has a steering wheel and two pedals, that's what you have control over," he said in conversation with BBC.

The winning formula according to Verstappen

His attitude is simple: "As a driver you should always believe you're the best. Do I? Of course," continues the Red Bull Racing driver. "You have to believe you can beat anyone. If you think you can't, it's better to stop. Then it's just not going to work."

The 23-year-old driver from Limburg seems to be suffering very little from the pressure on his shoulders. "I can only do my best, that's all I can do. That's what I try to do every weekend." According to the current leader in the World Championship, what does it take to win the championship? "You have to be better than Mercedes and better than Lewis," Verstappen said.

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