Ferrari back to reality: "Monaco was unique"

03-06-2021 13:23 | Updated: 03-06-2021 14:39
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Ferrari back to reality: Monaco was unique

The Ferrari's of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz performed exceptionally well in Monaco, which made it all the more painful for the Monegasque that he was unable to cash in on his pole position. Because Leclerc concluded just before the race that he wouldn't be able to drive the SF21, Max Verstappen had free rein. He took advantage of this and it was a bitter pill for Leclerc to swallow, but he is now over it.

Quickly forgotten

Naturally, Leclerc was asked at the press conference in Baku how long he sat with it, but it wasn't long. "I always try to forget it as soon as possible, but also to learn from it. I really gave everything and wanted the pole position," quotes the young Ferrari driver. However, Leclerc still had the "confidence" on Sunday morning that he could start, but it was not to be.

Normal position

Now the whole circus has travelled to Baku, but the Monegasque does not expect a repeat of the Ferrari performance - Leclerc's accident aside. "Monaco was unique, we were fighting for victory there. Now it's back to reality," and that is that Ferrari are generally short of the ability to fight with Mercedes and Red Bull.

What doesn't help here is that the track in Azerbaijan is quite different, Leclerc says: "With the long straights and the high speed, we will be back in our normal positions." So Leclerc expects to fight at the head of the midfield again.

In addition, the Ferrari driver concludes that a repeat of Monaco is probably out of the question this season. The only track that resembles Monaco is Singapore, but the conditions there are different. For example, it is much warmer there and the race is held in the evening.

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