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Norris sees Ricciardo's pain point: Then he loses some confidence

Norris sees Ricciardo's pain point: "Then he loses some confidence"

01-06-2021 09:42 Last update: 12:11


Lando Norris has the reins firmly in his hands at McLaren this season. In Monaco, he even managed to lap Daniel Ricciardo. The Brit sees a clear difference between Ricciardo and his former teammate Carlos Sainz.

Daniel Ricciardo was brought to McLaren as the big man. Ricciardo has been the clear frontrunner at Renault for the last two years, and with victories at Red Bull Racing the Australian has already built up quite a resume. At McLaren, he has to start from scratch though and is still struggling with the MCL35M.

Norris notices Ricciardo's problem

Norris himself is already in control of McLaren's car, and sees his teammate struggling. ''There are a lot of differences between Daniel and Carlos, but from what I've seen now Daniel really needs a car that suits him. Carlos was always good at dealing with a car that was a bit trickier," Norris says according to Formel1.de.

Still, Norris believes that with the right car Ricciardo can eventually get a result. ''Daniel is very fast in the right car and when everything is going perfectly. However, if something goes wrong and there are some problems, then he loses some confidence and has bigger problems. That's not just the case for him, more drivers struggle with that," concluded Norris.

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