Domenicali on new system: 'We are thinking about it'

28-05-2021 16:16 | Updated: 28-05-2021 19:06
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Domenicali on new system: 'We are thinking about it'

The Formula 1 season is only five races in and it already looks like we are going to have a season to remember. Whereas the world championship went to Lewis Hamilton easily in recent years, Max Verstappen is entering the fray this season. Stefano Domenicali hopes that the fans will be able to be fully present again in two months time.

Since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, the drivers have had to make do with fewer, or often no, spectators during the Grands Prix. Since the vaccination campaigns in and outside Europe are mostly going well, more and more seems possible for the fans. "And if it is confirmed, we should have 100 percent at Silverstone," states the Formula One boss in conversation with La Gazetta Dello Sport.

In England, drivers are gearing up for the first sprint qualifier in Formula 1. The idea should add excitement to the sport and therefore cater to the viewing public. Domenicali does not rule out a special bonus points system if the sprint races prove a success. "We are thinking about it. And if it becomes a success, it could become a permanent mode at the most historic and iconic Grands Prix."

Date of Silverstone race

The GP at Silverstone is scheduled for mid-July and is the tenth race of the Formula One season. For now, Max Verstappen occupies the leading position in the world championship, followed by Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton.

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