F1 commentator: 'Russell signs for two years with Mercedes as Bottas replacement'

28-05-2021 13:45 | Updated: 30-05-2021 16:56
by GPblog.com
F1 commentator: 'Russell signs for two years with Mercedes as Bottas replacement'

If we are to believe Alexey Popov, Valtteri Bottas will no longer drive for the Mercedes team in 2022. According to the Russian Formula 1 commentator, the 31-year-old driver will be replaced by George Russell. The talented Williams driver is reported to have already reached an agreement on a two-year commitment.

This is what Popov says in conversation with Match TV, the broadcasting agent of Formula 1 in Russia. "I will not disclose the source, but there is always a lot of talk in the paddock in Monaco," he says. So last week, during the Grand Prix weekend, Popov learned that Bottas is going to be pushed aside after five seasons of service.

Bottas replaced by Russell

"They told me that Russell moving to Mercedes for at least two years, and not in Hamilton’s place, is already practically done," said Popov, who further believes Bottas may just take over Russell's seat at Williams. "That's just my guess, but the fact that Russell will be in the Mercedes is almost certain," New regulations also enter Formula 1 in 2022 and perhaps Williams can make a leap forward on the grid then, making snaring Bottas a possibility.

The Finn is not hiding his desire to become world champion in the pinnacle of motorsport, but it doesn't look like it's going to happen in 2021. He is already 58 points behind World Champion Max Verstappen. Popov knows that too. "He is hopelessly behind both Hamilton and Verstappen already. He’s out of the title fight completely. Even Norris is ahead of him now."

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