'When he gets into the cockpit he becomes a tiger'

27-05-2021 19:39 | Updated: 27-05-2021 22:02
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'When he gets into the cockpit he becomes a tiger'

Charles Leclerc had no luck during the Monaco Grand Prix. In qualifying for Q3 he was still on top of the timesheet, but suddenly he hit the wall. As a result he was unable to start the next day.

Formula One journalist David Tremayne was nevertheless impressed with the Ferrari driver. "Charles reminds me in some ways of Gilles Villeneuve," he writes on the official website of Formula 1. "He has the same baby face that enables you to peek at the little boy within the man who once dreamed so big, and a calmness of manner that hides the innate passion, but when he gets into the cockpit he becomes a tiger."

Tremayne was impressed with Leclerc's attitude at Monaco. "I thought the manner in which he handled his disappointment in Monaco was exemplary. He was hurting deeply, the more so because the mistake he had made had been his own. And surely he must have had his own suspicions about the way in which his SF21 had been checked overnight, when it transpired – so we were told – that the unchecked left-hand driveshaft had been at fault."

Verstappen leads in world championship

Max Verstappen leads in the world championship after the Monaco GP. The Dutchman did a lot better as a winner than his rival Lewis Hamilton, who had to settle for a seventh final position.

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