Wolff explains: 'That's why the nut got damaged'

Wolff explains: 'That's why the nut got damaged'

24-05-2021 07:07

Valtteri Bottas was second in the Monaco Grand Prix when he drove into the pit lane to pick up fresh tyres. The Mercedes driver switched from the softs to the hardest compound, but the right front tyre failed to come off the W12. Toto Wolff explains what went wrong.

"Valtteri stopped a bit too early. This meant the mechanic had to use the wrench at an angle. The awkward angle damaged the wheel nut and we couldn't get the tyre off," said team principal Wolff in conversation with the German Auto, Motor und Sport.

Mercedes will investigate

The nuts used for the tyres are manufactured by Mercedes in their own factory. Now that Bottas' retirement has cost them eighteen points, the Brackley-based team is going to re-examine the design of the nuts to see if changes need to be made to the design.

For Bottas the grapes were sour, as the Finn dropped to fourth place in the world championship. The 31-year old driver has 47 points, while Max Verstappen has 105 points. His deficit to teammate Hamilton has already risen to 54 points after just five Grands Prix, so winning a world title looks set to be a very difficult task for Bottas.

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