Tsunoda shakes his head after Barcelona verdict: 'I shouldn't have said that'

20-05-2021 07:59 | Updated: 20-05-2021 09:31
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Tsunoda shakes his head after Barcelona verdict: 'I shouldn't have said that'

Yuki Tsunoda started his Formula 1 career with a points finish in Bahrain, but after that the Japanese driver also showed a lesser side of himself, and mainly made himself heard. The AlphaTauri driver hopes to start again.

Tsunoda's small stature and polite words in Bahrain made him a fine presence on the track, but in the races thereafter he showed a completely different side. The Japanese driver flips out at the slightest hint on the board radio, and after qualifying in Barcelona he even wondered if Pierre Gasly had a different car to him.

Tsunoda under pressure

The sympathy that existed for the young Red Bull talent seems to have disappeared like snow in the sun. As well as being a big mouth, his performance since Barcelona has also been disappointing. ''I had a very difficult weekend in Barcelona. I don't really want to experience a weekend like that ever again in the future, so I need to hit the 'reset button''', Tsunoda said according to Motorsport-total.com.

''I regret very much the statements I made after qualifying. I had lost my mind. I shouldn't have said that. I just don't want to go through this again and start over here'', Tsunoda concludes. That won't be easy for him as he is driving on the streets of Monaco for the first time.

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