Stewart: 'Mercedes has the best car, but Verstappen will win the race'

18-05-2021 16:56 | Updated: 18-05-2021 17:32
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Stewart: 'Mercedes has the best car, but Verstappen will win the race'

In Monaco, Red Bull Racing must close the gap on Mercedes. There are opportunities because historically the circuit suits Red Bull well. For Sir Jackie Stewart it is clear: Max Verstappen is the favourite for the Monaco Grand Prix.

Stewart thinks Mercedes has the fastest car, but Red Bull has the fastest driver with Verstappen. "In terms of drivers, I think Verstappen could be very fast in Monaco. But the Mercedes is still the best car on the track, and that's a huge advantage for their drivers," he says on the F1 Nation podcast.

He continued: "Hamilton is definitely the first driver at Mercedes, but the car is so good that even Bottas can be competitive, who is also good, but not at the same level. Hamilton is driving better than ever, but Verstappen is a serious threat to him. He's an absolute top driver, but the Red Bull actually is no match for the Mercedes."

So the three-time world champion foresees an exciting race that will go between Verstappen and Hamilton. But if he has to give one name as a favourite for victory, he is clear: "Verstappen."

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