Saward: 'People still underestimate how good Verstappen really is'

18-05-2021 11:31 | Updated: 18-05-2021 11:46
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Saward: 'People still underestimate how good Verstappen really is'

Looking ahead to the fifth race of the season, the Monaco Grand Prix, Formula 1 journalist and connoisseur Joe Saward argues that while Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen seem hugely matched, a section of the Formula 1 viewing public still underestimate Verstappen's qualities.

"People really underestimate how good Max Verstappen is," Saward began in an interview at the F1 Missed Apex podcast. "I’m not even Dutch, but Max Verstappen is one of those drivers who comes along once every ten years, who is super special. "

According to Saward, Max is not only aware of this himself, according to the Brit, Hamilton also sees through the qualities of his direct challenger for the title: "Lewis recognizes it, I think Max knows it as well. But I think a lot of punters out there don’t understand just how good he is"


The uniqueness Saward attributes to the Dutch driver is reflected in the comparison with his teammates. "When you’re up against people like Perez, even Albon, these are all top, really good drivers, and he makes them look second-hand", Saward said.

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