Hamilton has experience over Verstappen: "That's the difference in who wins"

18-05-2021 09:36 | Updated: 18-05-2021 10:31
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Hamilton has experience over Verstappen: That's the difference in who wins

Mercedes once again outsmarted Red Bull Racing at the Spanish Grand Prix with an undercut for Lewis Hamilton. According to Marc Priestley, this shows the strength of Mercedes and could make the difference in the title race.

The Spanish Grand Prix was won by Hamilton. The Brit lost his lead at the start to Max Verstappen, but Mercedes chose the right strategy and managed to beat Verstappen. Priestley enjoyed the race, but the former McLaren mechanic foresees a problem for Red Bull.

Advantage for Hamilton

"Mercedes once again showed their experience in winning. It's not often Mercedes have had to overcome adversity and win. They haven't had much competition from outside their own team and they're having to delve into other elements of their armoury and Barcelona was a good display of this. In hindsight, Red Bull should have reacted to Hamilton's undercut pitstop. It wouldn't have put Verstappen in front, but it would have had at least put him closer and allowed him to fight towards the end of the race. That's a mistake that Red Bull would've changed with hindsight," says Priestley in his new video.

"Hamilton, I think is at his peak like I probably said last year. He's still getting better which is amazing for him and Mercedes at his age. The difference between him and Max may well be the difference between who wins the championship. They are both excellent drivers, but Lewis has what Max simply can't have, and that is experience," concluded Priestley.

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