Verstappen complaints echoed: "White lines should not be track limits"

17-05-2021 08:48 | Updated: 17-05-2021 10:16
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Verstappen complaints echoed: White lines should not be track limits

If there is one thing that has bothered Max Verstappen since the start of the current racing season it is the FIA's enforcement of track limits, especially the arbitrariness with which this sometimes seems to happen. The Dutchman, who has seen a pole position and fastest lap go up in smoke due to track limits, is now supported by his colleagues, who also call for a more consistent approach from the FIA.

"As a driver, I can only speak for myself. But personally, I would like the curb to be the track limit because we can feel the vibrations there", Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc begins his plea to

In addition, the Monegasque, who is looking forward to his home race next weekend, is above all asking for "consistency" from the FIA. "I think we drivers all agree on that", he said.

Return of gravel box

Carlos Sainz also prefers to see the white line disappear as a reference point. Instead, he advocates the return of the gravel box or grass. "For me, the best solution would be gravel or grass behind the curb. Then we would have no discussion about white lines or curbs", said Sainz, who sees himself supported by his teammate.

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