Baku organizers are not worried about Miami GP coming up

15-05-2021 15:24 | Updated: 15-05-2021 16:04
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Baku organizers are not worried about Miami GP coming up

The Baku Grand Prix will be run again in June, the organisation's favourite spot on the calendar. That spot could possibly be jeopardised by the Miami GP, but they are not worried about that in Azerbaijan.

Last month, after long deliberation, the final decision was made: from 2022 onwards the Grand Prix of Miami will be part of Formula 1. The new race could be an important means to attract new fans in the United States, a market where there is relatively little enthusiasm for the 'European' F1.

The arrival of the new Grand Prix can only be a problem for the wishes of the organisers of other races. The organisers of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix would like to organise the race in June but that month is also the month of the new race in the US. The organisers are however not worried. "We have also already flown from Baku all the way to Canada. From Baku to Miami is not further away, it's almost the same distance," Arif Rahimov, the executive director of Baku City Circuit told

Calendar for 2022 still very uncertain

Because of the trips that have been made in the past by Formula 1, the organisation of Baku doesn't see any problem with the possible new calendar. And there is also another solution. "If it is in June, then the race can become a double header with Canada, which is logistically possible and not hugely complicated. It's even less difficult than from Baku to Canada or from Baku to Miami," Rahimov continued.

"We don't know which races will go out next year. It's very difficult to speculate on next year's calendar because so many things change. It is even still uncertain which races will and will not be held this year," concludes the executive director. So it will probably take some time before discussions can be held about the planning for 2022.

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