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Bottas not yet optimistic about salary cap: 'Depends on the numbers'

Bottas not yet optimistic about salary cap: 'Depends on the numbers'

15-05-2021 09:55 Last update: 11:31


Valtteri Bottas doesn't seem to be a fan of a possible salary cap for Formula One drivers just yet. F1 has a budget cap from 2021, which does not include driver salaries.

Bottas waits a little longer

There are ongoing talks about the salary cap for drivers, but Bottas is not very enthusiastic yet: "My thoughts on that? It depends on the numbers of course, because we are in the position where the big brands are using us as marketing targets. They use our image in F1. The drivers are the stars of the show. There is value in that," the Finn told Motorsport-Total.com.

Bottas isn't completely against it, as he wants to see amounts and figures first. "It really depends on what the maximum would be, I don't know the details of that. There is obviously a limit to everything," the Mercedes driver continued.

Salaries not included in current budget cap

Bottas does think it is good to see that Formula 1 is doing its best to become more efficient. The first budget cap that went into effect this year stands at 145 million dollars. This will drop to 135 million dollars in 2023. Marketing costs, drivers' salary costs and the three highest earning staff members are not included in this at the moment.

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