"I don't think the start was the main limitation"

14-05-2021 19:12 | Updated: 15-05-2021 08:49
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I don't think the start was the main limitation

Carlos Sainz still hasn't found his ideal form. Although the start of the race at McLaren was one of his greatest strengths, he just can't get away with it at Ferrari. Also during the Spanish Grand Prix things went wrong.

The Spanish driver achieved the sixth starting position during qualifying, but after the first lap it was gone. Sainz fell back to eighth position, forcing him to overtake more cars throughout the race. "It's a combination of factors to get that perfect result like Charles did," he points on the official website of Formula 1 to his teammate, who finished in fourth place.

Sainz finds it difficult to analyse why things keep going wrong. "I don't think the start was the main limitation today; the main limitation was a bit the positioning after that, getting in and out of the slipstream and being boxed in behind [Esteban] Ocon into Turn 1 and losing quite a lot of positions to the cars around the outside."

Improvements for Sainz

The driver has been part of the Ferrari team since this season and clearly has to get used to his new car. "What is clear is that I still need to get a bit better, and a bit more confidence with the start system and the way we operate to get that perfect launch and that perfect first 100 metres."

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