Verstappen behind Hamilton and Leclerc: 'He doesn't make those corners that short'

12-05-2021 06:30 | Updated: 12-05-2021 09:47
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Verstappen behind Hamilton and Leclerc: 'He doesn't make those corners that short'

Lewis Hamilton beat Max Verstappen at the Spanish Grand Prix on Sunday thanks to a strong strategy from Mercedes. Yet Peter Windsor also saw something remarkable about the way Hamilton and Charles Leclerc drove, which makes him think that Hamilton and Charles Leclerc are now at a higher level than Verstappen.

The Spanish Grand Prix has, in many ways, a unique circuit. It is a technically challenging circuit, where a good car, but also a good driver comes into its own. In Barcelona, Hamilton and Verstappen were again in their own class and the performance of Leclerc was also remarkable. Windsor, as usual, pays attention to the driving style of the drivers, and he noticed something special.

Verstappen less than Hamilton?

''What made the difference today is the balance Hamilton has in his car, despite all the weight differences that are there during a race. Compared to Verstappen, Hamilton was really in his own league. I say that, but there was one person who was as good as Hamilton, and that was Charles Leclerc,'' says the former Williams team manager in his new video.

''Leclerc and Hamilton are the absolute top drivers. Verstappen is very close to that. Max does everything perfectly, makes no mistakes and is what he is, but he doesn't have those round edges in his driving style. What he doesn't do is make the corners as short as Lewis does. I've never noticed that before, but on a technical circuit like Barcelona it does stand out,'' Windsor concludes.

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