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Wolff sends Ocon to Alpine first: 'They should have a meeting first'

Wolff sends Ocon to Alpine first: 'They should have a meeting first'

11-05-2021 10:17 Last update: 10:47


At the end of the season, the contracts with Mercedes expire and so there is a lot of talk about a possible switch for George Russell. Esteban Ocon has pretty much disappeared out of the picture, although Toto Wolff hasn't forgotten about him.

Esteban Ocon was part of the Mercedes squad for many years and was even a reserve driver with the German team for a while in 2019 when he lost his seat at Racing Point. The Frenchman was given a new chance at Renault, but to do so he had to break ties with Mercedes. Nevertheless, Ocon is still on the radar.

Ocon not going to Mercedes

"Esteban has a link with us as a driver, but is also fully a driver of Renault or Alpine," Wolff told Motorsport.com. Ocon's contract also expires at the end of 2021, so in theory, Mercedes could choose between Lewis Hamilton, Valtteri Bottas, George Russell and Esteban Ocon. However, the situation is slightly different, the Mercedes team boss explains.

"It's a strange situation because he has been linked to Mercedes for so long, but is now a factory driver at Alpine. That's a fact. The situation for him is good there. He is growing, he is performing and he is French. So in that respect, he is in a very good position. I think that Laurent and Esteban first need to discuss how they want to continue. Only then we can possibly give an option," concludes Wolff, who clearly does not give high priority to bringing in the Frenchman.

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