Hamilton sends clear message to rivals: 'That's ominous'

11-05-2021 09:50 | Updated: 11-05-2021 10:46
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Hamilton sends clear message to rivals: 'That's ominous'

Lewis Hamilton has had the best start of the season ever with three victories from the first four races. The Brit rarely started his season so strongly, and according to Martin Brundle that is a clear signal to the competition.

Hamilton gives a signal

Throughout the years' Hamilton has often been a driver who first had to get going. Think of his title battles with Nico Rosberg or Sebastian Vettel, where he often had to leave victory to his rival in the first few races, only to strike hard later in the season. This season, however, Hamilton is starting stronger than ever.

Rarely has Hamilton scored so many points in the first four races. Only in 2015 was he scored exactly the same results as this season, only then there were no points to be earned for the fastest lap. In 2019, he won two of the first four races and finished second twice. Last year Hamilton also won three of the first four races but finished fourth in the first race.

Red Bull has a 'Verstappen car'

''On 94 points and with three victories so far in 2021 this is Hamilton's best-ever start to a championship season which is ominous for his rivals. He's on scintillating form and Red Bull urgently need more power and grip for Max, and for Perez to join the battle. Right now, it appears Bottas is more likely to take points from Verstappen on occasions than Perez is from Hamilton, and that could be critical,'' says Brundle in his column for Sky Sports.

For Perez, however, things are not yet going as hoped. ''It does appear that the Red Bull is highly tuned to Verstappen's preferences, driving style and formidable car control because Pierre Gasly, Alex Albon and now Perez have all relatively floundered. Sergio's head may be wiser and more experienced, but he'll need to lean on every single element of that now to play his essential role and not crumble'', concludes the former Formula One driver.

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