Teams will be in talks about track limits: 'As a driver, you can't see it'

07-05-2021 12:33 | Updated: 07-05-2021 13:09
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Teams will be in talks about track limits: 'As a driver, you can't see it'

Track limits have been a topic of discussion all season. In Bahrain, Max Verstappen lost the lead of the race due to track limits, in ImolaLando Norris lost his fastest lap in qualifying and the same happened to Verstappen in Portimao. The FIA also removed the fastest lap of the Dutchman in Portugal.

Red Bull Racing team boss Christian Horner doesn't expect any major problems to arise from track limits this weekend. "I don't think it's going to be a problem this weekend, it's not really the type of circuit for that," Horner acknowledged in conversation with Sky Sports. According to Horner, the problem lies with the consistency of the FIA.

Conversation between the teams

"It's about the consistency from circuit to circuit, corner to corner. If it's already difficult for the teams to understand, how are you going to explain it to the fans?" In Portimao, a driver was allowed to go all the way wide in one corner, while he wasn't allowed to cross the white line in the other. "We want clarity, or at least a standard where you are in or out, like in other sports," he said.

"You can't say it's OK to go over the line in one corner and it's not allowed in another corner, that creates confusion. We will definitely talk about it tomorrow in conversation with all the team bosses." Horner does not blame Verstappen for his fast laps in Portimao being taken away."You're pushing terribly in that car and then it's difficult to see if you're crossing a line. It's not like you feel it. There are plenty of things we can learn from it, not only for us as a team, but also for the circuits and the FIA," Horner concluded.

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