Marko: 'We have to temper Verstappen to keep our sights on title'

06-05-2021 20:42 | Updated: 06-05-2021 22:29
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Marko: 'We have to temper Verstappen to keep our sights on title'

With three races already ticked off the list, one of the biggest talking points of this season seems to be the mistakes both Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton have made on track, and the possible causes of those mistakes. Helmut Marko has also weighed in on the issue, suggesting a difference in character is at the root of Hamilton's current lead over Verstappen.

"One thing is certain," Dr Marko begins in conversation with "Hamilton is even more hardened. He can wait for his chance. Max, it has to be said, is rather temperamental in character. Or to put it another way: more impatient. This is currently showing something in favour of Hamilton."

Apart from Verstappen's sometimes impatient driving style, the Austrian also knows that luck has played in Hamilton's favour in the past three races. "Hamilton also makes mistakes, you saw that at the restart in Portugal. But the consequences of his mistakes are less - as in Imola, that can be described as luck at most", Marko said.

Taming tempers

In the battle for the constructors' title, the team boss sees 'taming' Verstappen's temperament as the key. Marko: "We are a passionate racing team in which the fight and the challenge are paramount. A driver like Max Verstappen fits in perfectly. But you still have to tame that so that you also keep an eye on the World Cup."

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