Verstappen: "I will not be content to just chase Mercedes"

06-05-2021 14:20 | Updated: 06-05-2021 15:29
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Verstappen: I will not be content to just chase Mercedes

For the time being, Max Verstappen does not want to speak of a 'war' with Mercedes. The Dutchman rather speaks of a 'fierce battle'. In Spain, the Dutchman goes for the win again in battle with Lewis Hamilton.

"Let's not use that term, war," Verstappen is quoted as saying during the press conference by The Dutchman is ready for battle, but he thinks the word war is somewhat exaggerated. "Let's stick to competitive."

Track limits and Verstappen no friends

A big point of discussion in the 2021 season are the track limits on the circuits. Verstappen encounters them more often than he would like: "At some tracks, it's difficult to maintain track limits." The Red Bull Racing driver understands why they are there, but would prefer to see a gravel trap on the outside of the track himself.

"I've lost a pole and fastest lap now because of track limits, but that's also because I'm not satisfied with P2 or P3. I have to get everything out of the car. I don't want to settle for just quietly driving behind Mercedes," Verstappen concluded.

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