'With a perfect lap from Verstappen the gap was bigger'

06-05-2021 12:48 | Updated: 06-05-2021 13:03
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'With a perfect lap from Verstappen the gap was bigger'

Mercedes and Red Bull Racing are the best on the circuit this season. While Lewis Hamilton is fighting for his eighth world title on one side, Max Verstappen is still able to keep up. Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto sees that the gap with Red Bull is now very big.

In recent years Red Bull and Ferrari have battled it out for second and third place in the Constructors' standings, but that has changed this season. The Italian team cannot keep up with the first two teams and the gap is huge. Binotto even thinks that Red Bull's lead is bigger than we think.

"Verstappen made a mistake in Imola on his fastest lap. With a perfect lap from him the gap would have been bigger," the team boss explained to Auto, Motor und Sport. Binotto does note that the gap will not be the same every race. "It also depends on the circuit and the length of the track on which is driven."

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The aerodynamics of the Ferrari have improved in recent times, but Binotto argues that his team cannot yet compete with its rivals. "We are not at the level of Red Bull and Mercedes. The homologation of the regulations didn't really allow that either, most areas were not allowed to be tinkered with."

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