Dispute over pressure behind Verstappen mistakes: 'Wouldn't call them mistakes'

05-05-2021 20:48 | Updated: 06-05-2021 08:15
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Dispute over pressure behind Verstappen mistakes: 'Wouldn't call them mistakes'

The heart-stopping battle for the world title in 2021 will be between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. After just three races, many Formula 1 experts are stressing the immense pressure these drivers are under, in order to provide context for their mistakes on the track. An interpretation of technical expert and former engineer Rob Smedley shows the other side of the coin.

"Of course these guys are under pressure," Smedley begins, talking to Rosanna Tenant at F1 TV. "Lewis is under pressure, Valtteri is under pressure, Max is under pressure. Max wants to win, like Lewis wants to win. They’re all making tiny mistakes. It’s just that, unfortunately, at the minute Max’s mistakes are a little bit more evident."

Smedley argues he has a problem with the interpretation that drivers are making more mistakes due to increased pressure. He explains: "I wouldn’t call them mistakes, because these guys are pushing themselves to the very very limit each time."

Verstappen is the real deal

Smedley also paid a nice compliment to the Dutchman, stating that we will see the driver back to his full potential in no time: "Verstappen is among the very best drivers to have ever graced Formula 1. … It will turn around for him."

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