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'Verstappen doesn't make more mistakes than Hamilton at all'

'Verstappen doesn't make more mistakes than Hamilton at all'

04-05-2021 15:55 Last update: 16:10


Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton are not giving each other any presents so far this season. Hamilton made some mistakes during the Grand Prix of Imola, but Verstappen was also criticised for making too many mistakes. Former Dutchman Timo Glock is backing the Dutchman up and protecting him.

Someone to reckon with

People wondered aloud after the race: could Verstappen not handle the pressure of fighting for a championship? According to Glock, it has nothing to do with that. Speaking to Formel1.de, he said: "No, I don't see it that way at all. I don't think Max makes more mistakes than Lewis."

According to Glock, Hamilton also knows he is under pressure this year: "He is at the right level, making his mark and showing Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes that he is there and that he is someone to be reckoned with and that he will and can continue to put them under pressure. And he does that very well."


Still, it's the mistakes that Glock believes will later determine who will be champion: "That's what it comes down to. Whoever makes the fewest mistakes over the course of the season will be in the lead at the end of the season."

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