Red Bull's hopes for Spain high: "It won't be that important"

04-05-2021 06:23 | Updated: 04-05-2021 08:32
Red Bull's hopes for Spain high: It won't be that important

Ralf Schumacher is looking forward to the twenty Grands Prix that remain on the calendar in 2021. According to the F1 analyst, the race between Mercedes and Red Bull Racing will remain exciting and we will see some fantastic weekends ahead, starting with the Spanish Grand Prix. Schumacher believes Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez will have a slight advantage there.

"It's what we've wanted all these years and all signs point to it being exciting. It's going to be a great season," Schumacher told German television channel Sky. The former Formula One driver reckons the world championship between Lewis Hamilton and Red Bull Racing will remain close for a long time.

Red Bull in the lead in Spain

While Mercedes seemed to have the upper hand with the W12 in Portimao, Schumacher honestly believes the roles will be slightly reversed next weekend. That's when the Formula One circus travels to Barcelona. "That's where I see Red Bull having a slight advantage. The characteristics of the circuit will suit them with those slow and medium-fast corners. There is a straight, but it won't be that important," he stated.

The top speed on the Portimao circuit was pretty decisive though. Verstappen seemed to lack quite a bit of power, both in qualifying and in the race. He complained about this on the radio to his engineer Gianpiero Lambiase. It is still unclear how much horsepower there is difference between the Honda engine and the Mercedes power unit.

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