Wolff on motivational radio for Bottas: "Leave it alone in the future"

03-05-2021 16:02 | Updated: 03-05-2021 16:16
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Wolff on motivational radio for Bottas: Leave it alone in the future

During the Portuguese Grand Prix, Toto Wolff suddenly joined Valtteri Bottas on the board radio. The Mercedes team boss tried to motivate him to overtake Max Verstappen but to no avail.

Mouth shut next time

"Chase him, Valtteri, you have the fastest car", it sounded over the radio. "I enjoy it because I'm so passionate about it that it's good to have an outlet towards Valtteri," Wolff told Motorsport-Total.com. He tried to give Bottas an extra boost, but a sensor problem meant the Finn had no chance to attack Verstappen again.

"I thought it worked well, but this time it didn't work. Maybe next time I should keep my mouth shut or discuss it with him first," the Mercedes team boss said with a wink. "He really caught up with [Verstappen] and chased him. But when I got on the radio, he subsided. Maybe I should leave it alone in the future."

Bottas happy with support

Bottas himself was happy with Wolff's support though. Bottas himself is happy when his boss steps in and motivates him: "It shows there is support and passion behind it. That never hurts," the Finn said. "Of course I always give everything on the track, but it's still nice."

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