Marko sees Verstappen penalised again: "I hope it stops now"

02-05-2021 17:50 | Updated: 02-05-2021 20:51
Marko sees Verstappen penalised again: I hope it stops now

Helmut Marko feels the stewards are inconsistent when it comes to enforcing track limits. The Red Bull Racing chief saw Verstappen get 'screwed' three times this season already. It's time for a solution, says the man from Graz.

"This is a Mercedes track here. We are working on it," Marko is quoted by Sky Sports Germany. The RB16B's speed was not enough for its second win of the year."It wasn't enough to win here, but the development is good. But annoyingly, we also have track limits here. Now we lost the win (Bahrain), the fastest lap (Portugal), pole position (Portugal). All good things at the same time. I hope it stops now."

The Red Bull advisor is a bit done with times being taken away every time someone lands four wheels off the track. The Austrian would like to see the rules changed."Either you make a border of higher kerbs or you put gravel there or something. If you leave the tarmac, you get punished immediately."

Marko angry at stewards

Marko also doesn't understand why Norris didn't get a penalty from the stewards after the restart. The McLaren driver was said to have overtaken Perez off-track. "He went over with all four wheels - and there was nothing. So it's not consistent, and that's not racing if you juggle the rules like that," Marko said annoyed.

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