Horner sees potential in Red Bull engine project: 'Biggest investment ever'

30-04-2021 13:32 | Updated: 30-04-2021 14:02
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Horner sees potential in Red Bull engine project: 'Biggest investment ever'

The next few years will be very important for Red Bull Racing. Engine development will be halted between 2022 and 2025, allowing the Austrian team to prepare for the production of its own engines. For Honda, this year is the last year in F1, after which the team from Milton Keynes will take over all production. An important step in this is the arrival of Mercedes chief Ben Hodgkinson.

The man behind Mercedes' engine success in the hybrid era will be introduced during 2022 at Red Bull Powertrains, where the engines for The F1 team will be made. Particularly in view of the engine regulations that are set to change in 2025, Red Bull is already making a significant investment.

Biggest investment ever

During the press conference on Friday, where Motorsport-Total was present, Horner also revealed that Red Bull have never made such a large investment in their entire F1 history. "Red Bull is currently investing a lot in the new engines project. It's the biggest investment for us in F1 since the Jaguar team acquisition."

So Red Bull clearly sees potential in the F1 years to come, now that they have a car that could end Mercedes' dominance. This season will be important, but so will the 2022 season when the new regulations come into force.

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