Red Bull and Ferrari with some interesting updates in Portugal

29-04-2021 19:03 | Updated: 29-04-2021 21:51
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Red Bull and Ferrari with some interesting updates in Portugal

In the factories of the Formula 1 teams, much of the attention is focused on the 2022 cars. The possibilities to further develop the current car are therefore limited. But that doesn't mean that nothing is being done. Certainly not at Red Bull Racing and Ferrari, two teams that have taken a giant step forward this season.

The photographers from went to the paddock of the circuit in Portimao to capture the latest updates to the various cars. At Ferrari they discovered a different shaped 'cape' under the nose, which should work better with the new z-shape of the floor that was introduced in Imola.

Getting tyres up to temperature is crucial

At Red Bull Racing they have spotted modifications to the brakeducts. These are not so much meant to cool the brakes better, as it is not particularly hot in Portugal, but to warm up the tyres better. Because of the extra slit the temperature on the inside of the tyre can be regulated better. Crucial in a weekend where Pirelli have brought the hardest compounds.

It's very detailed stuff what Red Bull Racing are working on, and it shows once again that they want to go all the way to win the world title with Verstappen this year. The Dutchman is still cautious about the details. "I can't say too much about it, but of course we hope to go a bit faster again".

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