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Alonso compares Formula 1 to other classes: You have to be yourself more there

Alonso compares Formula 1 to other classes: "You have to be yourself more there"

29-04-2021 07:45 Last update: 09:03


Fernando Alonso made his much talked about comeback in Formula 1 in 2021 after a two-year absence. He returned to the team with which he became a two-time world champion: Alpine, which until recently went through life as Renault.

In the first two Grand Prix weekends Alonso has shown there is still speed, but he is not yet performing at his best. The question is if, and when we will see that. Alonso says he has learned a lot from his time in other races. "You can learn a lot from other experiences outside of Formula 1, " Alonso said in a conversation with Motorsport.com.

Other experiences in other racing classes

"Because Formula 1 takes place in a very closed environment, you repeat everything every two weeks. You always follow exactly the same routine. In a way, your driving style stays the same at a certain point, and you follow instructions from your team. They optimize the car and also your driving style. They tell you exactly what to do: where to save tyres or energy, and so on," he continued.

According to Alonso, the room for improvisation in Formula 1 is therefore limited, unlike in long-distance racing. "In long-distance racing, you have to be yourself more than in other race cars. You encounter traffic in different places, every lap. You also have to share more with your teammates. There's a lot more teamwork than in Formula 1, and you take that experience into your future motorsport adventures," said the two-time world champion.

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