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Is a double header between Austin and Miami possible in 2022?

Is a double header between Austin and Miami possible in 2022?

23-04-2021 17:46 Last update: 18:56


Before the Grand Prix of Emilia Romagna in Imola took place last weekend, Formula 1 informed us that a second American race will be added in 2022: the Miami Grand Prix.

Double header?

This raised the question if this would mean that we could prepare for a so-called 'double header', where the race in Austin one week later would be directly followed by the race in Miami. Stefano Domenicali told Motorsport-total.com that this will not happen: "We want to give both races enough space. That is crucial. Because we are laying the foundations for an incredible future for Formula 1."

Domenicali says for the Miami race he is aiming for a date in the second quarter. For years the race at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin has been held in the autumn, after the summer break. For Miami, it might be possible to combine the event with the race in Montreal, Canada.

More races in America?

However it goes, the Italian F1 boss is happy with another race in the United States, and is already anticipating perhaps a third: "America has already given us many opportunities and we attract a lot of interest. So we think it's the right approach to take the second step, that we follow one Grand Prix there with a second one." There could be many more opportunities in the future. You should never say never."

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