Why Vettel deliberately refused a coronavirus vaccine in Bahrain

23-04-2021 06:56 | Updated: 23-04-2021 09:02
by GPblog.com
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Why Vettel deliberately refused a coronavirus vaccine in Bahrain

In Bahrain all personnel, including the drivers could take a corona vaccine. Sebastian Vettel actually refused this and has a clear argument for it.

The coronavirus still has the world in its grip and so the run on corona vaccines is great. It was therefore remarkable that in Bahrain all the Formula 1 personnel could be vaccinated, but many didn't go for it. Including Vettel, who has his own special reason for not doing so.

Vettel refuses vaccine

''It's a matter of principle. I got the offer in Bahrain to be vaccinated, but I deliberately didn't do it, because it's not my turn yet. It then remains to be seen whether my vaccine helps someone who needs it more, but that's a matter of principle'', Vettel said according to RTL.de.

The German therefore also quietly waits his turn, and has absolutely no desire to push forward with his privilege as an F1 driver. ''There are many other people who want to be vaccinated. A lot of them are waiting. Younger people are not at as much risk as older people. I will get vaccinated, but only when it is my turn'', concludes the Aston Martin driver.

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