"Think I could have overtaken Verstappen"

22-04-2021 16:52 | Updated: 22-04-2021 21:24
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Think I could have overtaken Verstappen

Lando Norris has had an excellent start of the season. In Bahrain, he finished just outside the podium in P4, but in Italy, he managed to reach it. The Englishman drove for a long time in second place, but eventually, it was Lewis Hamilton who overtook him. Norris finished in third position.

The McLaren driver tells in a stream on Twitch that during the restart in Imola he even had the feeling that he could pass Verstappen. The Brit was the only one who started the restart with the soft tyre, which gave him a short advantage over the teams around him. Despite this, he decided to stay behind Verstappen.

Norris was of the opinion that it would have done him little good in the race if he had passed Verstappen. "If I had tried, I wouldn't have ended up on the podium I think," Norris explained. "Then I would have totally burned up my tyres and Charles Leclerc would have passed me in the closing stages of the race." Still, he thinks he had a chance. "I think I could have overtaken Verstappen. Maybe not, but I could have at least tried."

Disappointing Ricciardo

His teammate Daniel Ricciardo had a much harder time in Italy. The Australian saw Norris drive an excellent qualifying session, while in the race his teammate was also better. Although Ricciardo finished in sixth place, he can't be satisfied yet.

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