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Leclerc not trading Ferrari for more money: 'Reach my goal first'

Leclerc not trading Ferrari for more money: 'Reach my goal first'

22-04-2021 08:50 Last update: 09:51


Charles Leclerc is often mentioned in the same league as Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, but unlike the other two, Leclerc will not have a car to fight for the world title in 2021. Leclerc would never trade his Ferrari though.

Leclerc has already shown some great things in his few years in Formula 1. The Monegasque had an excellent debut with Alfa Romeo, and after just one year was allowed to make the switch to his dream team Ferrari. There he enjoyed some success in 2019 under circumstances, but now he has to wait a while for a good car. However, Leclerc would never want to trade in his Ferrari.

Leclerc stays at Ferrari

''No, because Ferrari is special,'' Leclerc replied when asked if he would trade his seat at Ferrari if offered twice the money. ''I want to go to the top with the team I've always dreamed of. I want to try and keep that goal in mind. There are no offers that could stop me from doing that. I'm very happy with where I am and I won't leave before I achieve my goal,'' the Monegasque told Il Giornale.

In 2021 Ferrari has made a clear step up from 2020, but it is not yet where Ferrari wants to be. ''As long as I win at least once. That will be difficult, but winning makes me happy and you can always try. That's always my mentality, even if I start from the back and don't have the speed to win. My goal is to win. I'm not interested in fourth or fifth place,'' Leclerc concludes in a manner reminiscent of his great rival Max Verstappen.

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