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Hamilton surprised by Verstappen: "Only now he looks to the left"

22-04-2021 06:32 | Updated: 22-04-2021 09:46
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Hamilton surprised by Verstappen: Only now he looks to the left

The Emilia Romagna Grand Prix was won by Max Verstappen and the most important moment was at the start. In the first corner Verstappen passed his competitor, and Jolyon Palmer analyses how this happened.

The start of the Grand Prix in Imola was held on a wet track, so it was a slightly different start. Jolyon Palmer's images show the start from Lewis' perspective. The Brit seems to have turned his attention to Sergio Perez, leaving the inside open for Verstappen.

Hamilton surprised by Verstappen

''You see him looking to the right here, and he actually keeps doing that until he goes into third gear. He wants to know where Perez is. Only in third gear does he look to the left, but by then it is too late. Verstappen is already on the inside with his rocket start," says the former Formula 1 driver in his analysis for F1TV.

"Then Hamilton has to risk staying on the outside, but he doesn't have a big lead going into the corner so he's taking a big risk. They have no contact, because Lewis went too wide. Hamilton was lucky after that, because just as he got off the track there was a bit of extra tarmac. As a result he stayed second," the Briton concludes.

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