Severe punishment for misbehaving driver, but does get a second chance

19-04-2021 19:08 | Updated: 19-04-2021 20:24
Severe punishment for misbehaving driver, but does get a second chance

The name may seem familiar: Luca Corberi. The only kart driver who gained worldwide fame last year. Unfortunately not because of his great performance on the track, but because of his misbehaviour.

Corberi was thrown off the track by his compatriot Paolo Ippolito during the 2020 World Karting Championships in October. He was so angry about that that he waited for Ippolito the next lap to throw the bumper of his kart at his head. He missed and so the fight continued in the paddock after the race, with family members and all. The images will be known.

Suspension of 15 years

The whole racing world spoke out of shame about this behaviour and the FIA opened an investigation that finally led to a verdict of the FIA tribunal this Monday. The FIA actually wanted Corberi to be suspended for life, but the tribunal felt that the Italian deserved a second chance and therefore suspended him for 'only' fifteen years. Motorsport Magazine.

Corberi has always been very blameworthy after the incident and is also not appealing. Should he ever return, he will have to wait until he is 39 before he can compete in an FIA event again.

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