No short cut to Zandvoort for teams this year, told to just use the road

19-04-2021 17:16 | Updated: 19-04-2021 18:16
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No short cut to Zandvoort for teams this year, told to just use the road

Despite the fact that the Formula 1 circus will only descend on the Zandvoort circuit by September 5th, the relevant authorities have already clearly emphasised that this year the shortcut over the beach of Noordwijk will not be an option for the teams.

The municipality of Noordwijk has issued a preventive veto on the possible shortcut, according to the Dutch NHNieuws. No permission will be given to the teams to drive their caravans along the Noordwijk coast.

The main reason given is the date of the Grand Prix. On September 5 it is quiet enough for the teams to arrive at Zandvoort by road without any significant problems or delay. Previous Grands Prix at Zandvoort have been held in May, and the alternative route over the beach was made accessible to teams then as it was considered to be busier then.


Last year controversy arose when a number of Formula 1 teams made plans to drive their all-terrain vehicles over the beach at Noordwijk, to make it easier and less congested to drive directly from the hotel to the race track. The problems with this route last year had to do with the desire to safeguard the existing ecosystem on the Noordwijk beach.

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