Brawn blames Bottas in crash: 'He should have left room'

19-04-2021 15:13 | Updated: 19-04-2021 15:23
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Brawn blames Bottas in crash: 'He should have left room'

One of the most intense moments of last weekend's eventful Emilia Romagna Grand Prix involved the collision between Valtteri Bottas and George Russell, which resulted in a violent scuffle for the two drivers, as well as a hefty exchange of words. Formula One managing director Ross Brawn has now also shed his light on the incident, and comes up with the following verdict.

In his column on Brawn mainly blames Bottas, although he emphasises that both drivers will return from Imola a little wiser. Brawn: "I’m sure both drivers will analyse the incident and learn from it but it did look like Valtteri drifted across and left George nowhere to go."

Brawn continued: "Imola is quite a narrow track so there’s not much space. When you add wet grass either side from the rain, it becomes very, very tricky."

No one got hurt

As one of the top people at the fortnightly racing circus, Brawn is above all relieved that no one was injured in the violent crash that caused the red flag to fall during the Grand Prix. "The positive thing is that both drivers escaped unhurt and the cars held up on impact to show how far we’ve come regarding the safety standards", Brawn said.

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