Andreas Seidl: “Lando is flying at the moment"

19-04-2021 07:11 | Updated: 19-04-2021 07:25
Andreas Seidl: “Lando is flying at the moment

Lando Norris matched his career best performance in Imola and finshed third in his McLaren. The 21-year-old showed maturity to excel in difficult conditions and managed the soft tyres to perfection to make it to thte end of the race. 

Praise from the boss

McLaren's Andreas Seidl was impressed with the Brit's drining and thinks that he has seen Norris take a real step up this season. 

“Lando is flying at the moment, he’s definitely made the next step as a driver also,” Seidl told Sky Sports after the race.

“Already in Bahrain (the season-opener) you could see that he definitely made the next step, as a person. He digested last season with his engineering team in the right way.

“It’s normal also that these young guys make steps, in the first years they have to make it or they will never make it to the top but it’s just great how he’s pulling it off,” added Seidl.

“He has the confidence to put the laps in and what he did today was great.”

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