Verstappen calm: "But have to make sure nothing breaks"

16-04-2021 15:18 | Updated: 16-04-2021 16:06
Verstappen calm: But have to make sure nothing breaks

Max Verstappen has reacted for the first time to the stoppage of his RB16B during the second free practice for the Grand Prix of Imola. The Dutchman is relatively calm about it, although he does regret the loss of valuable track time.

"I had a driveshaft issue, so I had to stop the car. It's of course difficult to say now with the second session how we would have been but nothing shocking but we need to look into what we can do better in terms of balance," Verstappen told Sky Sports.

To start comparing on the first day of the Grand Prix weekend is a bit too early in Verstappen's opinion. The ten-time Grand Prix winner argues that Red Bull needs to focus on its own, which is going to be difficult enough due to Friday afternoon's problems. "The shortened time on the track will of course have an impact, but we still know what we have to do," he said.

That it is then Mercedes who are back on top is not shocking to him."That's not a surprise. We have to focus on ourselves and make sure we perform as well as we can during the rest of the weekend."

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