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Verstappen sees potential for extra DRS zone: 'You lose so much time there'

Verstappen sees potential for extra DRS zone: 'You lose so much time there'

16-04-2021 06:37 Last update: 08:43


Max Verstappen is the favourite for the Imola Grand Prix. Ahead of the weekend, the Dutchman talks about a possible second DRS zone, but also about his problems in Bahrain.

Verstappen runs into problems

Verstappen had the fastest car in Bahrain in qualifying, and also in the race, Verstappen seemed faster than Lewis Hamilton. Yet the victory went to the driver of Mercedes. Mainly because Verstappen lost his leading position and could not overtake. Verstappen also had some problems along the way.

''I had a problem with my differential at the beginning of the race, but that was solved after a few laps. That gave a lot of wheelspin out of the corners and that's not good for your tyres. It felt a lot better on new tyres. Also, when I was on the way to Lewis I had to make some adjustments to the engine, and that didn't help the top speed. We could definitely have done better, but I'm sure it has improved for this weekend'', Verstappen said at the press conference.

DRS in Imola

During the 2020 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, overtaking proved to be very difficult at the Imola circuit. Verstappen succeeded after a mistake by Valtteri Bottas, but that was mostly waiting, according to Verstappen. The Dutchman would like to see a second DRS zone for the GP in Imola.

''Last year overtaking was very difficult, and I really had to wait for a mistake from Bottas, but don't we have one extra DRS zone this year? We could easily do that out of the chicane and that would help a lot. You lose a lot of time in the last two corners, and then despite DRS, you are never in time to overtake for turn 1. It's also a fast and narrow corner, which makes it hard to overtake, but hopefully, we won't need DRS," concludes the Red Bull Racing driver.

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