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Vettel wary of repeat blunder: 'Won't happen again'

Vettel wary of repeat blunder: 'Won't happen again'

15-04-2021 18:18 Last update: 20:31


Sebastian Vettel drove into the back of Esteban Ocon at the Bahrain Grand Prix and soon the German was heard complaining over the radio. He put the blame on the Frenchman, but that was not justified. The four-time champion made an obvious mistake and was given a 10-second time penalty. He also got penalty points on his license. Not exactly a great showcase for the German who was racing for Aston Martin for the first time in that very race.

Learning from mistakes

The German was naturally asked about this during Thursday's press conference. Vettel is clear and indicates that it will not happen again. Thus, the German says quoted by Crash.net: "I think the key is that I understand what happened and I think I did. You try to learn from it."

He continued: "I am quite sure it won’t happen again but as you said, obviously, going forwards, there are always things you can learn from your mistakes and what mistakes other people are making. But for sure, the target is to have clean races and not to have anything interrupting that. I think that’s the expectation I set of myself and as you said, as well, the level I want to be at doesn’t excuse things like this happening."

Positive feedback

Despite a poor performance by the driver at his new team, the team's reaction is still positive. Vettel: "The atmosphere in the team is excellent and I'm willing to go out of my way to understand, try and help. I'm going to try to have a better race this weekend. We are all well prepared and we are going to see what we get."

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