It's not easy being Alonso's teammate: 'He plays political games'

14-04-2021 14:29 | Updated: 14-04-2021 14:48
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It's not easy being Alonso's teammate: 'He plays political games'

Fernando Alonso has returned to Formula 1 after a two-year absence, making him a hotly debated topic. In the new edition of the Formula 1 podcast Beyond The Grid, Jarno Trulli talks about his former teammate.

Still as eager as ever

Trulli drove with Alonso for Renault in 2003 and 2004 and in both years Trulli had to acknowledge his superiority to the Spanish world champion. In the Beyond The Grid podcast Trulli is asked about his views on Alonso's return. "He's ten years younger than me, but unlike myself, he's still just as eager," he said.

The former Italian driver, therefore, does not see Alonso failing so quickly on his return to Formula 1. "He is still very fit and the passion to go for it in the car is still there," he said. According to Trulli, it will mainly come down to how good his car is. "About Fernando, I have no doubts, he is extremely motivated. Let's hope Renault and Alpine can give him a good car."

Political games

Alonso was not only a formidable opponent in terms of speed, but off the track, it was not always easy being Alonso's teammate. "He's the kind of driver who plays political games," Trulli explained. "If he could get an advantage from something, he would. He was always trying to mould the team to himself." Still, Trulli understands that and is partly what makes Alonso so good. "You have to respect that from a top driver. After all, that's what the very best do."

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