Confidence with Schumacher: "I only have good memories there"

14-04-2021 11:50 | Updated: 14-04-2021 12:32
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Confidence with Schumacher: I only have good memories there

The Formula 1 teams are preparing for a new race weekend. Where one team is in a positive flow, the other hopes for a better result during the second weekend. The Haas team belongs to the latter category.

Günther Steiner's team saw Nikita Mazepin retire early in the race in Bahrain, while Mick Schumacher didn't have a great start to the season either. Schumacher finished at the back of the grid, giving team Haas plenty to do to improve in Italy. The 22-year old driver has a lot of confidence in his team.

Good memories of Imola

Schumacher knows the track at Imola well from his past, so he already has a good idea of what to expect next weekend. “I only have good memories there, to be honest. I’ve raced at Imola in F4 and done a few tests in F3. Honestly, all of the experiences I’ve had there are great."

The youngster is therefore looking forward to getting on the track in Italy. "Racing-wise it can be quite difficult, with very few places to overtake. Once you’re in a flow and set a nice lap it’s amazing, especially how one corner follows after another. There are quick corners, technical corners, the kerbs that you have to ride. There’s definitely lots to look forward to in a Formula 1 car.”

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