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F1 Social Stint | Stunning images through Verstappen's podium camera

F1 Social Stint | Stunning images through Verstappen's podium camera

14-04-2021 19:45 Last update: 14-04-2021 19:45


It is time for the second Grand Prix of this season. The drivers and teams are getting ready for the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix. In GPblog' s F1 Social Stint you can find out what the drivers and teams do around a Grand Prix.

Stunning images through Verstappen's podium camera

Max Verstappen was able to appear on the highest step of the podium this weekend, and that provides beautiful images. The Dutchman had a so-called podium camera at his disposal, which allows him to capture the action after the national anthems.

Red Bull completes Mercedes' rhyme

Verstappen showed his class at the start of the Imola Grand Prix. The Dutchman overtook polesitter Lewis Hamilton after starting from third place. A day earlier, Toto Wolff had been spotted on a skateboard, which Mercedes posted on Twitter saying, "He was a Sk8ter Boi." A day later, Red Bull Racing completed the rhyme.

Hamilton bursts out laughing at Perez video

Lewis Hamilton bursts out laughing after a video of Sergio Perez. The Mexican is training his neck, but the image evokes something completely different for Hamilton. In his Story on Instagram, Hamilton captioned the video: ''The moment when during a date you have been holding back for a long time, but the moment she leaves you can let it all out. Sorry Checo, I had to do this'', the Brit says.

In Italy they know who the world needs

Alfa Romeo has also just arrived at Imola circuit. While there are no fans allowed during the weekend, the team shall surely feel supported by a banner that was put on a fence by fans of a certain driver. 

McLaren and Alpine can unload trucks in sunny Imola

McLaren and Alpine arrived in Imola this morning. McLaren posted a video on Twitter in which the staff is unloading the truck. Alpine takes a bit more time because they first make an appreciation post for the trucks in sunny Imola.

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