'Few people can beat Max, except Max himself. Perez knows that too'

09-04-2021 22:15 | Updated: 09-04-2021 23:40
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'Few people can beat Max, except Max himself. Perez knows that too'

In conversation with Formula 1, former driver David Coulthard gave his predictions for the upcoming season, and he sees a starring role for Max Verstappen and Red Bull racing.

The former Red Bull driver and teammate of Robert Doornbos gave his preview of the season ahead, he does so in a video interview with the Dutch Formula 1 Cafe. He starts with an acknowledgement that Mercedes is still a strong opponent for the people at Red Bull, but also knows, "Max is coming, Max is the man, and i think this is his year for the world championship"

Max factor

Red Bull's future as a constructor also looks bright in Coulthard's view. With Sergio Perez, the Milton Keynes-based team has secured the right addition. "Checo is an experienced driver, a safe pair of hands. I believe he is the right person to be in that seat." With this, Coulthard is referring to the impressive reset Perez managed to perform on the Red Bull in Bahrain, before crossing the finish line in fifth place.

There is also an advantage for Perez in his recognition of Max's great strength, according to Coulthard: 'He has the maturity to handle the Max factor, the maturity to see that few people can beat Max except Max himself.'

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