Miami possibly in 2022 on Formula 1 calendar, despite opposition

09-04-2021 17:51 | Updated: 09-04-2021 18:10
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Miami possibly in 2022 on Formula 1 calendar, despite opposition

After a long-running impasse, there seems to be new hope for a race in Miami. Initially, the plans ran into a lot of opposition, including from Miami Gardens mayor Rodney Harris. He has changed his mind, and now sees a race completely in the picture.

The race would take place in Miami Gardens, a city about 25 kilometers north of Miami. The plan is to build the circuit around the Hard Rock Stadium, home of the American football team Miami Dolphins.

The plans were previously opposed by the residents of Miami Gardens, who were concerned about noise and air pollution. They also accused the local government, the Miami Dolphins organization and Formula 1 of racism. For this reason, the residents filed a civil suit against these parties in October.

The plans have now been modified. The message must be actively spread that Miami Gardens is the first primarily African-American city to host a Formula 1 race. Also, the layout of the track has been adjusted and sound barriers have to be placed. If the plans are approved, Miami could be on the calendar as early as 2022.

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